Maritime Industry

Rooted in the A.P.Møller Group and with more than 40 years equipping vessel crew and operators with the right competencies to deliver safe and efficient operations, we are the maritime experts!

Training is the core of our business and we take pride in always delivering the highest quality and ensuring that the competences can be easily transferred from the class room to the workplace – delivering real value in your operations. We apply action based training methods and advanced full mission simulators, and all our instructors have extensive industry experience to ensure they understand your operational context and always deliver the latest knowledge. Furthermore we combine your technical instructors with human factor and leadership experts.

Having our expertise in the field as our background, our goal is to find the right solution for you, our customer and partner, no matter what you are looking for. Whether it will be a technical, operational or procedural training for tanker, container or offshore vessels; whether you want to enhance your energy efficiency, safety culture or operational performance; whether you want a bespoke solution or just an off the shelf course. We know the industry and your operations, so lets us guide you!

When it comes to solutions, helping you enhancing safety and operational efficiency, we offer much more than training. With our experience and extensive knowledge, we can offer you a broad range of services, including:

– Project specific simulations

– In-house training session and workshops

– Crew assessment, from pre-hire to pre-promotion and competency assurance

– Competency profiles and tailored competency development programs

– Procedure and documentation development and review

– Accident investigations – all the way to implementing the learning in your organization

– Audits – navigational, technical, pre-post hire

– Project work and advisory services

– Officer meeting and workshops

– Anything you can imagine within DP, Anchor handling and towing operations


Contact us at to get more information and tell us what is your challenge. We will help you find the best solution.