Welcome to Maersk Training in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Maersk Training in Abu Dhabi

The UAE holds considerable energy reserves, being the world’s seventh largest crude oil producer and the fourth largest producer of petroleum liquids in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).  In addition, the UAE holds the seventh largest natural gas reserves globally.  Abu Dhabi holds 94 percent of the UAE’s oil reserves, or about 98 billion barrels of proven reserves, which can be found both offshore and onshore.  In Abu Dhabi, the Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) establishes the Emirate’s petroleum-related objectives and policies, effectively functioning as the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) board of directors.  Abu Dhabi’s position as a central player in the UAE’s oil industry and wider economy means that the SPC is considered the country’s most important entity in regard to energy policy.

At Maersk Training in Abu Dhabi, you can choose from a targeted portfolio of courses in Oil & Gas and Human Factors.  This includes courses accredited by the IWCF, such as Drilling Well Control and Well Intervention Pressure Control.  Courses can also be customized to your specific operation or workforce.  In all cases, our highly skilled instructors, subject-matter and training experts will challenge your teams in scenarios as close to real life as they can get, by combining a new generation of simulators and techniques with real-life operational experience.  Furthermore we offer onboard support, such as role-specific competence assessments, safety culture evaluations, and customized consultancy.

We believe that highly skilled individuals working as part of a team, are the key to enhance safety culture and to optimize the operational performance in offshore operations.  We always utilize our group experience whilst working with clients to share best practices and how to handle challenging situations.  We place a lot of emphasis on the human element part of training where we bring in human factor specialists along with our operational instructors to assist, assess, and develop your work force.  This emphasis has received very positive feedback from many of our global customers.

Our facility in Abu Dhabi is in partnership with Global Petroleum Training and Consultancy.  For your company, choosing Maersk Training will give your team members a better learning experience.

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